May 30, 2007

Kaga Yasai (?o?)

Kaga Ysai refers to traditional vetigoitables which are most likely produced in Kanazawa, Ishikawa-prefecture, where is 5-hour drive from Tokyo.

This is jumbo sized cucumber(Kaga-buto), which taste is mostly same as original cucumber. Firstly peeling and remove inside seeds.

Cut them into small pieces and boil with two tbls of sake, mirin and soy-sauce, and then add startch with warter. Serve with a little bit of ginger.

Rotus root miso-soup:

Grate lotus root and mix with miso-soup, which is unusual way to eat. Strange feeling on the tongue, but very DELICIOUS.


Pick only leaves and boil them in hot warter with one tbls of salt for 3 min and drain and immerse in cold warter to cool and seal in color. Serve with ginger or soy sauce.

These vegitables are categolized in Kaga-yasai in Japan and these cannot be produced in other area, and contains different nutrition comparing to similar vegitables. We have also Kyo-Yasai which is produced vegitable in famous Kyoto. Receips are very simple and takes only few min, but contain rich nutrition for each.

May 14, 2007

Mochi with Oroshi-daikon (^__^)v

Very healthy way to eat rice cake!

Most likely people eat MOCHI(rice-cake) for the celeblation of New Year begin, or winter season, but this recipe is good for spring-summer season if you are Mochi fan!
Ingredients: Two piece of MOCHI, radish, gumbos, dashi-soup, one tbls of soy sauce and green onion.

Grated radish and cut okura(gumbo) and green onion into small pieces.

Boil two cup of warter and add dashi of bonito or kelp. After boiled, add soy sauce and salt. Add grated radish, heat few mins.

In the mean time, baking mochi on the other burner. Put them in a bowl, Daikon-soup and on top of that, garnish with onion and gumbo.
Piece of cake! and very healthy. Mochi is a little bit rich in calories, but grated radish play a role in the difestive process. Mochi is very versatile food like pasta or rice, so can be arranged with various sauce or soups.

May 01, 2007

Maguro all around (*o*)

Sorry for shocking picture! but I went to Misaki harbour where is well known as Magro(tsuna)fishing industry.
In this market, they occationally do Tuna Dismantlement show for customers to try to taste raw tuna there. Once the man cut them into small pieces, people picked them and gone at once!
Close to this market, there are several fish restraunt around. Not only

we consume a WHOLE part of Maguro, but I've never tasted bone marrow of Maguro(tuna)...

These are bone marrow. Cannot eat hard part bone, but white part inside flavored with soysauce and vinegar. Scoop white part inside up with spoon. Very FRESH.
These look Korean-BBQ, but grilled tsuna. Wrap them with fresh lettuce. Tastes are also similar to grilled pork!

Next is tsuna-chazuke(boiled rice with green tea like Italian risotto.

Lastly... fried-fish with sweet&sour vegitable sauce.

Eatable from head to tail. Spicy savor, but very good harmony with fried one and sweet-sour vegee. Delicious more than expected...!!
Misaki area is approximately 60km from Tokyo, but it worth it to eat your fill of Maguro!