March 29, 2007

Alive Hotate arrived (^3^)/

Alive HOTATE(scallop)!!

Have you received 20 alive scallops before?! Thanks to my good friend AYA, we ate fresh Hotate up!!
Raw scallops. As soon as I insert a knife between shells, they try to close their shells soooo tightly. I opened it up by inches, and could see beauuuuuutiful HOTATE-san.

I removed some parts we cant eat, and had fresh white part and round parts.

Fantastic!! and Awesome!
It was just melted in my mouth right away. Sweeeeet, juicy and very fresh.
Next day, I grilled them.

Put them on skillet and grill them. Add one tbls of soy-sauce, butter and SAKE and grill again few sec.

This is it! This is the best for SAKE.
Aya told me that she made a HOTATE rice dish. After washing rice, add warter appropreately, chopped hotate and make them. The best one for me is white part, but round parts contains lots of essence which make rice taste enhanced. I can tell why Hotate is used for some dishes and various seasonings. This weekend I thanked the sea for its blessings.

March 17, 2007

Tsuna-Jaga ^_____^

Easy, Delicious and Wa-taste!

Ingredients: 4 Jagaimo(potatoes), 3tbls sugar, 2 tbls soy-sauce, mirin(sweet sake), sake and 3 tbls blown sugar.
After peeling potatoes, soak them into warter for 5 min to remove harsheness.

Boil them for 8min and add mirin, blown-sugar, and sake.

Lastly add tsuna and soy-sauce, and boil them for another 8-10min until soften.

That's it! Very tasty, and piece of cake. This is one of my favorite receipes which I want keep it secret! People like tsuna and people like potatoes, so this is very good combination.
I am very sad about the news that bluefin tsuna quota will be limited according to IWC. This decision was made a couple of moths ago. I guess because the number of people all over the world are including to eat tsuna like Japanese do. In order to keep this resouces and equivalent fish catches for consumers in each country, this decision was made... Since we consume lots of tsuna including raw fish weekly basis, I can hardly imagine how it will be reduced and expensive more than now(><)

March 05, 2007

NASUBI v(^ ^ v

Here's two ways of simple-easy NASUBI recipes:

Ingredients: Big eggplant, grind meat, miso-paste, ginger, sugar and sake.
Split a eggplant and make an incision in them in order to be well cooked. During heating an fry-oil, mix with ginger, sugar, vinegar, miso-pate and sake. Cook grind meat and mix with them.

Fry two eggplants. Place it in a bawl and put a meat-sauce on it.

If you prefer non-fat NASUBI dish, here's "WA"-taste.
Grill eggplants until
soften or turned balck outside, after pricking with a needle.

Make a dashi-soup with a tbls soysauce.

Right after grilled, put it under running warter upside-down and pealing quickly.

Serve them with dashi-soup and grind ginger. Make them cook in summer season.