June 28, 2007



Same kind of Japanese Tempra. Kakiage is fried vegitables or you may mix with whatever you like and fry.
Ingredients: Onions, dried small shrimps, Japanese vasils and flour.
Cut vegitables into small pieces, and slice onion thinly.

Heat oil in a pan. Mix with 1 and 1/2 cup of flour and 1 cup of warter.

140-160 c is the best to fry for vegitables. Stiring up with dried chopsticks in oil, and if you see a little bubble comes up inside, that tells the time to fry.
Mix ingredients with flour and take a scoop of them in a large spoon and slip into the oil.

Fry them until brown.

Keep temparature is the very important to fry crispy Tempura batter. We usually put them on the top of soba or udon(Japanese noodle) and eat together. It is good balance and harmony with oily vegitables and none-taste noodle. I some times feel like eating Kakiage. Because of vegitables, I can enjoy simple taste and light crunchy fixture.

June 12, 2007

Chinese Wedding food (^_-)

I am invited to Chinese wedding reception in Beijing! Tables, chairs all are decorated by brilliant color, yellow, red and gold with lots of 'happy' Chinese charactors.
This little devil pig was the most outstanding in our table!

Outside skin are very crispy and inside meat are very soft and tasty like roast chicken.

Colorful flowers are eatable. Little souce taste like soy-sauce enhance more sweetness of flowers.

This cigarret is not of course eatable. According to my friend, this is one of customes for smorker to serve cigarrete on a table. So that they do not hesitate to smoke. It must be good marketing for tabacco company. Interesting!

All food are delicious! Not oily and not too spicy. It was good experience to get know Chinese custom.

This place is reflected to old traditional style which is in Qin emperor era in China. When I passed all stuff around here, the way of greeting is also very old-fashioned style which no current people use. Costume are like Japanese Kimono and their shose are also never seen in current urban Beijing city. Hope this age-old traditions dating back to olden times is being inherited by next generation like Kyoto city.