February 24, 2006

TEBICHI - pig hands \(*o*)/^

TEBICHI (called 'TONSOKU'): means hands of porks. This is not so major dish in area except Okinawa, but well known as Okinawa cuisine. Okinawa is southern island, where about two-hour-fly from Tokyo. Okinawa is surrounded by beauuuuutiful ocean.

1) Boil warter in a pan
2) Put hands of porks in the pan, and one pack of DASHI and SAKE quantatively(usually "AWAMORI" is used, which is made in Okinawa)
3) Add some white MISO as much as you like.
4) Boil gently about two hours....
and ENJOY with dipping mustard!
Carrot, boiled eggs, or some vegitables can be added as you like. Key points are DASHI(check it out in my blog, 'Hijiki' section) again, and SAKE to enhance. You may be able to buy them at Japanese grocery store in your area.

Rich collagen contains ingredient to make your skin beautiful, and also take effect for aching joint, that is what I heard. People living in Tokyo(or except Okinawa) usually dont make this so often.

I honor Okinawa food culture, especially to cook 'pork hands' delectavely.

February 22, 2006

Food experience: NORTH-Korean FOOD (*o*)

Have you had N-korean food? Well, I am not sure for any border line of food between South and North...however, this is what I had at restaurant ran by North-korea nation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is not about Japanese food, but let me introduce my experience as extra(*^^*)

I was so nervous to talk to them, because ALL customers in the restaurant were all MEN. I guess here is well known as beautiful waitress(weightless?). I had expected dance show by them, but not at that day...but seems like if you reserve it, you may be able to see dance-show by ladies. Anyway, I was impressed with their politeness and treated me, even though I am not 'MAN'.

Here's are appetizer. Healthy....but good taste. Those are for free...(actually I dont remember well(^^;)

I ordered CHIGE soup. Hot, spicy soup contained TOFU, meat, and some chopped begitables. Made me very warm.

February 21, 2006

OKONOMIYAKI - whatever you like o(^ ^)o

OKONOMIYAKI means "whatever you like" in Japanese.

As it is, you can mix with whatever you want, such as meat, leaks, cabbage, seafood, etc....

Fist of all, mix with cabbage, one cup of warter and two cups of flour (OKONOMIYAKI mix is better which is selling in japanese store).

Tip is to ground yam and mix with them.

Put (a)the mixed cabbage with flour&warter and yam down flat in hot iron plate. You can grill (b)bite-sized meat with them, and you can put (a) on (b) when you turn upside down.

On top of that, add brend sauce('OTAFUKU' sauce is better), mayonnaise, and KATSUO-BUSHI...

ENJOY before it gets cold o(^o^)o


We LOVE beans food!

This is famous NATTO which most Japanese like. Some people would say, "This is rotten beans!", but not true!

Natto is fermented beans which is contained lots of nutrition, such as plenty of amino acid, vitamin, fiber, calcium, kalium... !!
I usually mix with "OKRA" which is gumbo into NATTO.
More sticky, sticky and nutrition!

Another famous beans food is TOFU. We call it Hiyayakko.
Very easy to make it.

Put a tofu in a bowl. Mince Japanese basil, leek(long green onion), and ground ginger. Drop few soy-source...my recommend is KIKKOMAN shoyu.

very healthy food....