July 21, 2009

French-fried eggplant and sweet pepper

Ingredients: eggplant, sweet green pepper, dashi-soup, soy-sauce, vinegar and salad oil. Actually, I'm hesitate to post this as one of recipes, because it is toooo easy...but I believe everyone will like it. I'll recomend you who are tired of Tempra or who obtain lots of eggplant.

Cut eggplant lengthwise into forths and make incision in middle. Prepare for dashi-soup(any fish broth, or noodle sauce is fine), soy sauce and vineggar (adjust with tasting).

Heat salad oil in a pan and french-fry vegitables. One min for eggplant and 30 seconds for green pepper. Drain off fat with strainer, and soak them into the sauce while they are hot.

If you want darin off fat well, you can soak into hot water once before seasoning. Tips are to season well while vegitables are hot. It is great served cold in this season and go with beer!
Eggplant contain 90% of water, and also it helps blood circulation well.