December 26, 2006

Christmas Chicken -v(^3^)v

I had a wonderful Christmas party with my friends. Here's a main dish, Roast chicken I made!

Before cooking, usually have to remove giblets from the cabity of bird by myself, however, fortunately my butcher did it already for me! so I could skip this process :-p

Sprinkle whole body with salt, and 1 tbs of salt cavity as well. Stuff with fresh herbs, and then tight legs with kite strings not to open-up in oven.
Place bird on the rack with its breast side up, and leave it one hour before cook to allow the salt blend. During preheating oven to 200c, rub all over with olive oil. Sprinkle pepper as well, and roast more than 60 mins.

Need brush with oil during roast. It was important to bake crispy skin! I should have put more vegitables with onions, carrots, etc...
I remembered well that my duch friend roasted chicken for Thanks giving day. Since we do not have big built-in oven like most American has, but I think I made it even with a small oven!

Hope you had a wondeful holidays with delisous foods, too!

December 17, 2006


TEMAKI SUSHI(TE=hands, MAKI=roll). Can be translated 'do-it-yourself SUSHI'! You can put inside anything you want by yourself.

Good Shari(rice) is important to enhance home-style sushi. Sushi rice should be sticky. I remember that I can hardly look for Japanese rice in NY, but you may find so-called 'SUSHI rice' in big glossary store in your country.

I've heard some young Japanese girl 'wash' white rice with dish soap (^^;, but of course soap is no needed. Just wash with cold warter several times untill warter is clear. After steamed, sprinkle with rice vinegar using a fan until cool. This fan create shinning rice.
This time I prepared Sashimi and some SUSHI items here;
this is NEGITORO. Beaten fatty Tsuna with green onion.
Rolled egg;
Hikiwari-Natto(fermented beans);
Eat, eat eat!!!:

Very easy to serve for home-party. Before serving, you may need roast dried seaweeds over fire a little bit, so that seaweed will be crispy. Two cups of rice are enough for two persons, but we had more than three cups of..(^^;;; too much!