December 30, 2008

IMONI v(3_3)v

Sato Imo (=Taro) Ni (=boiled pod).
Ingredients: taro, shiitake mushroom, carrots, drawstring bag made of deep-fried tofu(including mochi inside), soy sauce, dried kelp, sweet sake, sake, salt and pepper.

Peer taro, and slice in rounds. Rub them with salt and wash under cold water. Cut carrots out of shape of flower, or leaves, etc.

Cut mushrooms and deep-fried tofu.

Soak dried kelp into water pod, and turn heat. Take it out before boiled. Boil tro first and other stuff.

Season with sake, mirin(sweet sake), soy sauce, salt and pepper. Boil well until soften.
Taro is the lowest carolie among potatoes. Very nutirious with vitamin B, protein, starch, and high-fiber. Soft in texture.

December 17, 2008

Aki-Shake risotto (^3^)v

Italian risotto and Japanese Shake(salmon) collaboration!
Ingredients: salmon, mashroom, 2cups of white rice, green onion, soup stock(consomme), salad oil, butter, dried parsley, salt & pepper.

Season a block of salmon with salt & pepper. Mince green onion.

Slice mashorroms. Put salad oil and minced greenonion in a pan, and heat until smell.

Add 2 cups of white rice and saute till opaque. In another pan, heat soup stock with any consomme you like(vegitable, chicken, etc).

Grill salmon till brown and leave it. Start to add a cup of soup into rice pan. If soup is gone, then ladle bit by bit...repeating till cooked al dente. This step is important for risotto.

Break baked salmon into flakes. Add 10g butter, a tbls of olive oil, and then half of salmon flakes lastly.
When serving, put risotto in a plate, and rest of salmon on top. Garnish with dried parsley. Salmon is in season now. Bon appetit seasonal dish with grilled salmon and soft risotto with mashroom....