August 30, 2009

Myoga sushi

Unique recipe myoga-sushi...

Myoga , Japanese ginger, is one of Japanese spice. Most likely it doesnt play a main role, and is used as side condiment. It is usually not used as the stuff for sushi either.
Ingredient: myoga, sushi vinegar, sugar, white rice, and wasabi.
Peel myoga one by one and pickle them with sushi vinegar overnight. If you like sweeter, then add sugar with tasting.

Cook 2 cup of white rice and make shishi-rice with sushi vinegar.

Prepare for sushi rice, pickled myoga, and wasabi. Make oval-shaped rice ball and season a bit wasabi. Put pickled myoga (2 or 3) on top and reshape well.
Myoga is well known as to help blood circulation as well as detox. It has unique taste but Japanese people love them.