February 23, 2008

Hakusai flowers \(^o^)/

Ingredients: Hakusai(Chinese cabbage), sliced beef, a cup of sake, salt and pepper.....That's it!!

1)Cut hakusai into bite-size, and stuff them into a big pan.
2)Chop beef into small-size and fill them between hakusai.

3)seasoning with salt and pepper, and a cup of sake.
4)turn the heat to medium first and change to small when steam starts to escape, and grill it for 20 mins.

Enjoy with soy sause or ponzu sauce!
Tips are to fill hakusai and beef with no space between. It might be easier to use half size one or 1/4 cut size to use layers of leaves. Since hakusai contais a lots of water, to steam is better with not water, but sake to extract own hakusai flavor.