October 28, 2007

Healthy Soy milk pasta (?_?)v

This is one of my favorite recipe, Soy milk pasta. Good colaboration with Italian and Japanese.
Ingredients: Chicken fillet 150g, Japanese sake, Dashi-soup, Soy-sauce, green onion, citron pepper and Japanese mint.

Remove gristle of fillet and put it in microwave for 2mins after seasoning with salt/pepper, then cool it down.

Slice onions. Mix with soy milk, dashi-soup, and 2 tbls of soy sauce well. Then add fillet in it. Make it cool in fridge.

Boil spaghetti for 8 mins and cool them off well under running water.
Place spaghetti in a plate, add soy-milk and chicken. Decorate with Japanese herbs, green onions and citran pepper on top!
You may be amazed at unexpected comibination of soy-milk and dashi-soup. I usually use soup stock of bonito, but seawood broth may be good, too.
Pasta is high in calories, but this soy-milk soup make this healthy and wa(Japanese)-taste.

October 09, 2007

Fusion cuisine in Cairo

The most delicious one in Luxor, Egypt....was Calamari Tajin!

Heard Tagine is Morocco food which includes some stuff like meat or seafood boiled up in a small pot. This one has lots of calamari with hot tomato sauce.
Too hot, but just DELICIOUS. I love it!
If I spoke Arabic, I could ask them about recipe....but I am afraid I can make it even if I could.

These are Lebanese food in Cairo.
It is my first experience.
Small plates(about 6-8) were served with Egiptian bread Eesh like pita which is empty inside. Dip them in each plate, and eat.

Due to language problem, could not ask for recipe, but some of them were white goat cheese, cream cheese, and something lemon taste cheese.
Sour little bit, but sweet and good nibbles with beer.
Other one is made of chopped tomate, parsely and green vegitable. Very light, little bit sour and very fresh.

....and others plates ...dont remember well..
Almost got drunk on egiptian beer, food and beautiful night view:-P

And then....Basra belly, Delhi belly...Egypt belly in the end...

Seems like 80-90% Japanese do the same experience. Even though we drink mineral warter, I guess water used for cooking hit on it.

By the way, are you familiar with Egiptian bathroom? and do you know a small bowl right next to main lavatory bowl in bathroom? Didnt know about it, but I heard it is for wash yours after finished.

....I got blue when I heard of it because....I wiped my face with towel which was placed next to that bowl.
Needless to say....that one is for your....