January 13, 2009

Fried Tara Salad with sweet-hot sauce8(^ ^)8

A Happy New Year 2009

Those who are bored of codfish in usual Nabe(Japanese hot pan) this season, this Chinese & Japanese combination salad is the one you should try!

Ingredients: codfish, sake, flour, salad oil, and some green salad whatever you like. For sweet hot sauce: 1 tbls sugar, 3 tbls soy sauce, 1 1/2 sesami oil, 3 tbls vinegar, ginger 8g, green onion 30g, and tsp 1 1/2 Tobanjan(Chinese spicy broad bean paste).

Cut codfish into bite-size, season with some sake for a couple of mins and peaper them dry. Coat them with flour before fry.
Prepare for sauce: mince green onion, and grate ginger, then mix with all ingredients. Taste it and adjust however you like. Tear lettuce or green salad beforehand.

Turn heat salad-oil till 200c and deep-fry coated codfish until brown. Be careful not to be crumbled during fry. Take them out and dry off oil.
Place green salad on a plate, arrange fried fish and sweet-hot sauce before serve.

You can arrange this sweet-hot sauce for Tofu or other stuff which has simple taste.