August 23, 2008

Thai fooooood** GAPAO

GAPAO means basil in Thai. Learned very simple way to cook :-D
Ingredients: ground chicken, two different color of peppers, basil, egg, nam pla(fish sauce), Oyster sauce, ginger, rice and oil.

Put one spoon of salad oil and minced ginger, turn heat and cook untill smell.

Add ground chicken and cook well untill color turned. In the mean time, cut peppers into one bite and add into the pan.
Tear fresh basil by hand. Tip is 'hand'. If you cut by scissors or knife, basil's green color will turn to black. Season with nam pla sauce, oyster sauce, salt& pepper and see how it tasts. Add more if it's not enough.

In another pan, heat salad oil and bake egg. Add about 100ml of water and cover a lid untill make white part crispy and side-sunny up.
Serve steamed rice, gapao chicken and egg on top of that. Garnish with fresh basil or other kind of mint. Mix egg, chicken and rice well before eat!

August 12, 2008

Okahijiki soba (^3^)/

If you do not have much of apetite due to this season, this is the best to injest nutrition.
**Ingredients: Soba(buckwheat noodle), yam potate, cucumber, Natto(fermented beans) and Okahijiki(saltwart)
During boil water, grind yam.

Boil Okahijiki for a min, and immerse in cold water to seal brilliant green color. Mix Natto very well until slimy.

Boil water in another pan and put soba for minuts, and immerse in cold water well. Cut cucmubers in rectangles.

After drain off water, put soba in a plate. Garnish each vegee, yam cucumbers, Natto and Okahijiki on top. Put some dashi-soup which made by Katsuo broth on.

Okahijiki contains plenty of Vitamin A, Calcum and Fe. Needless to say, yam help for protein to be absorbed as well as contains vitamin B and C. Natto is rich in dietary fiber....such a ideal recipe!!