March 25, 2008

Furofuki Daikon -Miso version (? ?)

Japanese radish contains lots of vitamin C. I belive this Furofuki style is the best way to have whole radish: Furofuki style.
Ingredients: Japanese radish, 3 tbls of miso, mirin, brown sugar and butter 10g. Citrus.

Cut radish chunk and cut off edges to avoide collapse. Then notch cross with a nife to be cooked and soften inside well.

Put radish and lots of water in a big pan and boil well more than half an hour. Boiling with enough water at high-heat to be covered is 'Furofuki' style.

During boiling radish, make a miso sauce in a another pan. Put red miso, sugar and mirin in a pan and turn mid-heat. After miso is melt, add butter and mix well with small heat. This makes sweet.
Serve sauce in a dish and put radish in a middle after cooked well. Garnish with citrus peels on the top.

According to vegitable sommelier study, bottom part of radish is richer in nutrients than upper. It is good to know to buy half or 1/3 size radish in grocery stores:-D

March 15, 2008

Soup curry made in Hokkaido ^___^

Soup curry originated in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It started boom since 2000 and we see some Soup curry restaurants in Tokyo now. The differences of general 'curry' are light soup(not thickened), and fried colorful vegitable played a main role in this dish.
Ingredients: eggplant, red paprika, potato, lotus root, carrot, wing, tomato,onion, garlic, anin, cuminseed, basil, and curry powder.

Flavoerd wings with salt/pepper and curry powder then leave them for more than 10 mins. Mince garlic and onion. Turn heat and cook them with cumin seed in olive oil until savored.

Add minced tomato then water&curry powder, also dried basil. Adjust curry and salt/peppr with tasting. Boil wings until soften.

In the mean time cut all of vegitables (snick inches for eggplants) and fry them in oil for few mins(until soften).

Remove all of minced vegitables from soup. Put curry soup in a dish and garnish wings and vegitables prettily. For turmelic rice, boil 80cc rice with 1 and1/2 water with turmelic for 10mins. Serve them together.

March 06, 2008

Winter melon with crabmeat sauce (^ ^

Togan(winter melon) comes from China that 95% contains of water. It is well known as diurectic effect and diet food because of low calorie. Contains Vitamin C.
Ingredients: Togan, green vegees (spinich or pok choy, etc), can of crabmeat, Chinese consomme, and starch with water.

Peel and remove seeds by spoon and cut into one-bite size. Put them in a pan and pour water just enough to cover and cook them until soften.

Cut green vegie. Cook soup with chinese consomme in a small pan and mix with green and crabmeat including its juice, and adjust taste with salt and soy sauce if you want. After cooked, mix with a tbls of starch with water.

Put cooked Togan in a bowl and add the crabmeat sauce on and serve.