April 18, 2006

TAIYAKI under beautiful SAKURA (?_?)

TAIYAKI is one of my favorite sweeeeeeets!

TAI means "porgy", and YAKI means "baked". Of course this sweet is not made of porgy, but this figure looks cute TAI(see my previous weblog Mar 26). Inside black one of this TAI is called, "AN" (sweet black bean Jam).

The point to fiture out good Taiyaki is if it contains black bean Jam head to tail. I always check on tail first (^ ^;)

March and April are beautiful season of cherry blossom. This SAKURA(cherry) is taken in Motomachi area, Yokohama. Well, you may know we Japanese burst drinking under Sakura as a "drink custome", but I love to have quiet time with sweeeet Taiyaki daytime under beauuuuutiful cherry blossom!

April 12, 2006

Fish Tempura (^ ^;)

Here's SAYORI & SHISO tempura I love! Sayori is not Japanese girl's name, but this is Japanese needlefish ( maybe "Sajuri" is correct English), and SHISO is "Japanese basil".

Any vesitable such as carrot, green pepper and burdock, or fish can be made as Tempura. First of all, (a)mix with one cup of warter and 1/2 cup of flower (Tempura flower is the best to make).

Pat fish and Shiso dry on a paper towel, and then coat them thinly with flower before mix with (a):
Fry Shiso in oil, 140c with a few min, and fish 160c. Make sure Shiso is not needed to fry deep.

Enjoy with ground radish with Dashi soup!