December 19, 2007

GANMO (^3^)

Ganmodoki is fritter of mixture of Tofu and vegitables. Taste might be nothing for those who favor of strong-tasting....
Tofu 100-150g, grind chicken, carrot, potate yam, hijiki, burdock root, oil, mitsuba(green) and starch.

Wrap over tofu with kitchen paper and heat it in microwave around few min and drain water off(leave it).

Grind potate yam, cut burdock root and soak in warter with one tbs of vinegar to get rid of harshness. It is important to keep taste.

Slice carrot. Mix with grind chicken and tofu. Then add others: yam, burdock, hijiki and season with salt and pepper.

Scoop up with flat spoon and fry in deep oil slowly until turn to golden.

I like to have with salt or spice seasonings simply, but this time I made dashi-taste sauce with green.

Heat water and add dashi stock, and then mix with starch. Garnish with greens.
Ganmo is most likely used for one of items in Oden. The fritters are very much healthy and can enjoy simple taste of vegitable. I dont think many Japanese cook this because it takes lots of time and hands!

December 10, 2007

OKOWA v(@ @)v

Following mashroom pasta last month,,,, this is mushroom OKOWA, which is steamed mochi-rice.

Ingredients: Mochi-gome(mochi rice), simeji/shitake/maitake(any kinds of mushrooms), mitsuba(any green for garnish), soy sauce, sake and dashi-soup.
Soak mochi-rice in water for one hour.

In the mean time, cut mushrooms into bite-size and season them with soy-sauce, sake and salt.

Any dashi-soup can be available. I used dried-kelp this time. Hidaka kelp is the best made in Hokkaido!
Drain off water from mochi-rice, and put mochi-rice and pour water just enough eo cover in a big pot.

Turn the heat to medeium and cook it for around 15mins. After make sure water gone, turn off heat and leave it and steam well for 5 mins.

Mix chopped stems well then garnish with leaves in the end. Cool off on kitchen paper which can also absorb moisture.

Looked outside window... I saw Mikoshi-march for autumn festival in my
neighborhood. They left shirine and carried heavy Mikoshi(miniature
shrine?!) with men&women, walk around the city with calling out, and
back to shrine. It was wonderful autumn day to see traditional Japanese
festival, and fall flavor with OKOWA.