August 25, 2006

CHAWAN MUSHI(pot-steamed hotchpotch)(?_?)

I belive those who love egg must like this Japanese traditional dish, CHAWAN MUSHI, which is pot-steamed hotchpotch. Easy to make with microwave!
Ingredients: Two cups of Dashi-soup and two eggs. Mushrooms(Shiitake), gingko nut(peeled ginnan), chopped chicken, shrimp and green vegitables.
1.Make Dashi-soup. Again, Dashi is very important and key to make Japanese food. You can make with Dashino-moto(instant Dashi powder). Mix with beaten egg and dashi(need make it cool before mix)

2.Seasoning ingredients(cut mushrooms, shrimp, chpped chicken and ginkgo nut) with soy sauce and salt&pepper before putting them into a bowl.

3. Pour 1. into 2.
4. Heat it in microwave 30-40 min with 170c. Make sure put a lid before heat.
5. Garnish with green leaves before serve. Enjoy!

Mostly, CHAWAN MUSHI is served with a small bowl, but if you are not satisfied with such a Japanese size bawl, you can make with big bowl like sweet pudding!
Tips are dashi soup should be separated from eggs, and floating onto egg. Original dish is putting shrimp and chicken, but you can put anything you like. Some people add small clam or green onion...etc.
This make you warm and make you feel happy (^o^)/

August 15, 2006

Quiche- my first trial v(^3^)v

Quichuuuu (^3^) /~

This is my first trial to make French dish, Quich...! My Dutch friend, who lives in NY, sent me special pie plate which was imported from France. I beg your advise if my original trial is something wrong, or not!

Pat the tart dough into a shallow pie plate, and heat the oven to 375 degrees F. Baked bacon, onions and some mushrooms with salt and pepper.

Beat together the eggs well and mix with milk, natmegu, baked bacon and begitables until well blended, then beat in the cheese. Carefully pour this mixture into the tart shell and bake it for about 40 minutes. ...

Well done?....but I actually forgot to bake pie shell the middle of shell was not crisp /(>o<)\...Next time should be much much better of course. If I make more original French&Japanese quiche, I may add dried TOFU in it. Should be healthy.

August 02, 2006

Onsen Dinner ( ^ - ' )b

I went Hakone Onsen last month! Hakone is located in Kanagawa prefecture, and 'Onsen' means hot spring!

This is one of famous dishes here in Hakone. One small pot was served for each. A small candle under the pot makes boiling and keep it warm, so I could have warm 'Tonyu Nabe' which contains some vegitables such as celery cabbage, mashrooms and pieces of meat with 'soybeans' soup. Very healthy taste.

This is an appetizer. Egg Tofu with some echinoid sauce, salmon caviar, nameko mushroom with soysauce taste DASHI soup. We call this 'Otoshi' which means starter for first bite with beer in Japanese.

Now, here is my favorite dish, authentic SUSHI again! These are local fish collaboration(^ ^)v. Jush FRESH. At the right corner of first line in the picture is "Namashirasu" (whitebait). Very fresh as you see the transparent, and some white laddish and ginger enhace the taste.
Enjoy the pictures of fish market I visited in here!